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After your treatments of 3-5 sessions as recommended by your SMP practitioner, client can expect for the color to last between 3-5 years. A couple clients may notice slight lightening or natural fading (not discoloration) especially those who enjoy being out in the sun or ocean life but a quick touch up session within the year, to restore or freshen up any fading due to their lifestyle. Touch up within the same year is minimal in cost with Elsie.

You may experience some mild discomfort in exchange for long-lasting results. A topical spray for numbing can be applied, if necessary, but for best results, we don’t encourage doing this BEFORE the procedure, for pigments will tend to migrate. You will be numbed well after the procedure. No Incisions or cutting. No side effects. No downtime to go back to work. SMP is NEVER BLOODY unlike hair transplants/hair surgery OR body tattoo. We have clients who fell asleep for a few minutes right in the middle of their SMP session.

Depending on the size of the target area, your first treatment will probably take approximately 3-5 hours. Elsie has yet to spend more than 5 hours on your scalp. Your second and third treatment will probably take approximately 2-4 hours and meticulous Elsie takes her time to ensure quality of her work and it is not about the race to finish quickly. Elsie does all the scalp micropigmentation work.

Poor results or poor botched SMP jobs, can have a very negative impact on your life, so please choose a recognized, a reputable SMP practitioner. It is much easier to do the art of layering SMP process, to prevent MISTAKES than to correct them. LASER tattoo removal has been known to be most effective but very painful. We have the Pico Yag laser here in our NB venue. If you had hair transplant done, laser can damage your existing hair follicles. I have seen way too many botched jobs done - splotchy, patchy sections, big microdots, migrated all one color blue scalp.

A climbing rate in women here from the age of 20 and up are experiencing thinning hair. It is called Traction Trauma Alopecia (usually from years of pulling of the hair tight when braiding, pony tail and/or due to hair extensions). Women’s hair loss can also occur because of constant do-it-yourself hair bleaching or hormone displacement/vitamin deficiency after giving birth or simply due to bad diet.

We can help with the visual improvement, and we can help create density of the thinning area/s with scalp micropigmentation. SMP gives you the look of having short hair or to look like you have a scalp full of hair. Elsie will recommend the best program so you can look your best!

Please call to discuss your best option with our SMP Practitioner Elsie at 949-342-5598 (Text messaging is recommended for quicker response)

Elsie has been in the skincare, product development, technology and aesthetic medical spa industry for the last 18+ years. She is also a licensed and certified hydrocolonic therapist with Libbe- IACT. Having work alongside with international professionals, several medical doctors and having the different skin and hair rejuvenation procedures done on herself, Elsie understands the importance of looking good to feeling good too! Our self- confidence skyrocketed when we look good, of course. Her clients absolutely love her attention to detail, deep interest in living a healthy lifestyle, how she is motivated by results and stay current on all the latest techniques.

Elsie is the protege of MrScalpUK, Craig Bottomleigh-High, one of the most sought-after SMP leaders and trainers in the world.

Elsie is highly recommended by TEAM MICRO, the world’s leading resources for hair loss and hair thinning solutions. Check out link:

Elsie was awarded Top SMP Practitioner 2020 of Southern California by The Los Angeles Tribune. Check out link: Elsie SooSzetoJones named top SMP Practitioner of Southern California | The Los Angeles Tribune

Elsie was interviewed by Global Health Ambassador USA and (FORBES for Women) Hopegrown | Global Healthcare Conversations with Mieko Perez ft. the…

“ As many of my clients have shared, they have been researching about Scalp Micropigmentation for a while, and I am honored to be chosen to help with their life-changing transformation. This clinic is run and owned by me, therefore I use only the best equipments and supplies that is tailored just for SMP or PRP. I offer my clients the best possible results! Please check out my portfolio in all my social media and see the incredible results done by The Queen Of Scalp. SMP is a relatively new treatment here and there are many wannabe artists (many barbers or PMU technicians) out there who are untrained, not experienced with color theory, who does not have the approved OSHA training, are using incorrect pigments that had no retention, bad migration, discoloration or their equipment and needles were not exactly suitable to create a replicated follicle look. We were quite alarmed to watch several social media postings and videos where the untrained artists proudly displayed botched work; very bloody big dots on the scalp, uneven colors and saturated into one color, using devices that are probably meant for body tattooing. Run if your SMP tech is using the scraping draw a line method, a device that works like a sewing machine onto your scalp or cutting into your scalp with blades!”

If the prices are too good to be true, you will find a pretty high number of poor and unprofessional results as well. ASK QUESTIONS. MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS. ASK QUESTIONS. ASK QUESTIONS!

Several of our clients who have tried these combo package, Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) saw great results with their thinning hair or density-loss problems several months after their PRP injection therapy. SMP Hair Clinic is a medical clinic where there is a Board-Certified Medical Doctor in venue. It is a process where the plasma from your own blood will be processed, separated and injected into your scalp’s epidermis. PRP has been popular in treating bodily tissues, including stimulating the collagen around hair follicles. A series of 3-5 is recommended, one to be done every 3-4 weeks. By introducing Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) in facial, joint and hair treatments, it help to accelerate the body’s own natural healing process and therefore rejuvenate. By combining SMP and PRP treatments, clients will have the appearance of having a fuller set of hair. Results varies per individual’s lifestyle, age-group, nutrition and eating habits. Elsie has a 99% success rate in 2021, where her clients saw some or extensive improvements after their PRP hair and/or PRP skin procedures. “Magic Hands” is regularly used for her by her regular clients. Elsie has several clients who would fly in from other states and internationally to see her on a regular basis.

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